How Sheraton achieved a CTR that is 48% higher than the industry average!

If we had to pick one question that we have been asked the most, it would have to be:

“How do I get more clicks on my links?”

Google has 4,740,000,000 results on ‘How to get more link clicks’. Not only are industry leaders like Forbes and Neil Patel talking about it, but within that roster also lie SMB’s that have hit the jackpot and figured out a hack to increase link clicks.

There is no doubt that increasing link clicks will increase conversion rates. Most marketing KPIs ranging from simple social engagement to lead generation to final conversions start with a click. So, we thought we would sit down with one of our biggest clients, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, to get insight on how they got 17,418 unique link clicks in less than a year!


How Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre got an average of 176 clicks per link


1) Avoid the ‘See More’ toggle

Social media channels are not meant for long stories. Making a social post text-heavy will backfire for two reasons:

a) Social media platforms are extremely fast paced so if you cannot describe why your post is relevant in the first line, most likely your post is going to get scrolled past.

b) Making your posts text-heavy pushes your call-to-action and your link to the bottom of the page. If you are trying to get more link clicks, putting your link at the bottom will not do the job.

Just for reference, here are the number of characters Facebook and LinkedIn permit before pushing the rest into ‘See More’:

LinkedIn: 200-213 characters

Facebook: Maximum 477 characters

TIP: Keep your word-limit to 140-200 characters and include your call-to-action and your link within that word limit.

Here is a fantastic example from the Sheraton Wall Facebook page:


If you absolutely need to add in more content, we would recommend keeping the CTA and the link above the ‘See More’ toggle like below and then including the rest of the text:

Want to dive deeper into social media posts and their lengths? We would recommend checking out this blog post from Sprout Social: Know Your Limit: Ideal Length of Every Social Media Post.

2) Be Captain Obvious and tell people what to do

A lot of businesses assume that including a link in their social posts means that they have implied what action the user is supposed to take. They assume that they do not have to tell the users what to do.

Big mistake.

As mentioned above – the social media world is a fast one with the average Facebook user spending an average of 1.7 seconds with any piece of mobile content and 2.5 seconds on desktop. So making any form of assumptions about user engagement can cost you.

Discouraged? We were too. However, this hack from Sheraton has been quite efficient in improving click-through rates.

TIP: Ask people to click on a link by including a big fat “CLICK HERE”

This works remarkably well. It has shown a considerable increase in click-through rates and makes the CTA way more effective.

Uncomfortable with including “CLICK HERE” in your posts? Think its too in-your-face and not on brand? No problem. We included a couple of examples in which you can include an obvious CTA but not have it so in-your-face:


“Book your getaway”


“Learn more about our services”


“Watch a video”


The aim is to not only inform your audience on what they should expect when they click the link, but to make the CTA plain, simple and obvious.


3) Use your retargeting links in your Facebook ads

So far we have covered ways in which you can increase organic clicks on your social posts. However, the most efficient way to get more link clicks is to use your RetargetLinks shortlinks in your Facebook ads. In order for this to be effective, you would need to:

a) Set up your Facebook Pixel in your RetargetLinks platform

b) You would need to create boosted posts or Facebook ads (or have them running)

Once you have the above two pre-requisites done, you can then insert your shortlink as the ad click-through destination (the page where the user lands when they click on your ad). By sponsoring your post, you reach more people and hence will receive more clicks on your shortlinks.

This is probably a very obvious tip – spend money, get more clicks. 

However, remember that everyone that clicks on the shortlink in your Facebook ads will also see your display ads everywhere on the internet! Not only are you increasing your clicks on your Facebook ads, you are also increasing your retargeting audience and hence increasing clicks on your display ads. One click, one customer, multiple opportunities to retarget – that is the real takeaway here.


Looking for more ideas and help to increase your link clicks? Contact us at hello@retargetlinks and book a 1:1 coaching session with us!



Supriya is the Marketing Manager at RetargetLinks